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Exquisite Boutique Hotel In Tbilisi

Hospitality at it's finest

Hotel bloom Tbilisi is located in the very heart of the Old City. It features individually designed 6 beautiful rooms, all comprising with a private bathroom.

As a family operated hotel, warm welcome and desire to help guests with their every desire is guaranteed. Our goal is that guest found their real home in Tbilisi, whilst being away from own. The building is built around 1870-s, and the old spirit of the building and centuries old neighborhood is preserved.

Our hotel boast with incredible interior design. If we were to describe it in two words, those two words would be "coolness overload". Hotel Bloom has it's own personality, that is very hard to replicate. Design of the hotel can be defined as a mix of classical, contemporary, rustic and shabby chic. Every room as well as whole building features very unique hand made art elements and we feel that during your stay every detail is meant to feel super comfortable, and it indeed is.

Our goal is that Bloom Hotel was a real home for our guests, and there are no compromises in recently mentioned statement. In other words Bloom hotel in Tbilisi is a true boutique hotel with very own personality. All of above mentioned combined with Georgian hospitality makes it a perfect home for every kind of guest.

It is worth mentioning unique garden of the hotel. We are confident that garden like our's is the only one at least in Georgia, if not the whole world. It consists of million years old rocks that are even bigger than the building itself, where groundwater is flowing freely. It is really easy to forget that you are in the heart of a busy city, sounds of flowing water, intimate proximity to the nature and brilliantly designed garden is a true recipe for a unforgettable trip. Have we mentioned that temperature in the garden never exceeds 24 degrees celsius, even in hottests months?

It is also noteworthy that Hotel Bloom is located in the most popular district of old Tbilisi, within walking distance of main amenities and tourist attractions spots. Location can not be any central, it is located right next to presidential palace and Sameba chathedral.

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